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Joy to the World, the Lord has come

by Erik Momsen

Our world and many seated here are in the grip of anger, frustration, fear, pain and hopelessness. That is quite normal for the world, but not inevitable for you. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, in the form of Jesus of Nazareth, invaded this world to bring relief to all suffering who are willing to turn to Him for comfort. He issued this invitation when the greatest invasion of the world took place: "Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all people. Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel.....saying "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favour rests." (Luke 2:10,13) Good news, great joy and peace are surely the opposite of anger, fear and frustration. The arrival of Jesus holds out to all the promise of comfort and relief. The relief comes from trusting in God's Kingdom and not our human strength. He has good news where we are "hearing only Bad news on Radio Gaga". The issue is our decision not to live like sons of earth but sons of heaven. It is about life in the Holy Spirit not a life in the spirit of this world. "For the Kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit". (Romans 14:17)

(Date Added: 2001-12-11)


by Erik Momsen

Humanity has developed through the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron ..... Industrial, Space or Nuclear, and now the Information Age. In our age knowledge is power. This is true in nearly all areas of life. In all ages humanity has looked for knowledge. At times the search was more determined.

(Date Added: 2001-06-26)

Life in the Spirit (1)

by Erik Momsen

Many millions around the world have felt the Holy Spirit's pull, have grasped the truth of Jesus of Nazareth and have called to the Father of Heaven to make them His children. The fish have been caught and now we lie on the bottom of the boat wriggling and jumping waiting for the painful but vital process of gutting and cleaning. We have been caught - now to live the life. Ephesians is a manual for Christian living giving practical advice for spiritual growth.

(Date Added: 2001-06-19)

Living Stones

by Erik Momsen

Look around you! What is the most valuable thing you see? Is it the building, furniture or equipment? None of these. It is the people. We know that the church is not the building. We know that Jesus promised that where two or more are gathered in his name he would be there. We know that the building could be taken away and the church would continue. However few churches spend enough time building one believer upon another to form a church.

(Date Added: 2000-08-04)

In all your ways acknowledge Him

by Erik Momsen

Much of the time our lives are not what we want and we keep trying to change things to get it right. What must be changed is our mind and heart. We try religion, but what we need is faith. Religion is a dirty word. Religion is what we do to try and please God and make Him do what we want. This is how we naturally think. But God says; "... all our righteous acts are like dirty rags." (Isaiah 64:6) Faith, however, is our attempt to understand the Lord and knowing that if we walk in His ways we will receive what He has planned for His children.

(Date Added: 2000-07-28)


by Erik Momsen

All people belong to someone or something. Humanity believes the myth of freedom, but we are slaves. Be it to a tyrannical leader or poverty or on the other extreme self imposed slavery to money, substances or our emotions. Most people are unhappy or at least dissatisfied most of the time.

(Date Added: 2000-07-21)

Money makes the world go round

by Erik Momsen

Most of the news is about money and many of the wars are a result of a desire to make money or started by individual men who were greedy for money and power. Most of us speak more about money than most other subjects and we think about it even more. We think about the cost of bread, petrol and school fees. We worry if we will be able to make the budget balance or what will happen if we lose our jobs. Money is at the centre of nearly all our dealing with the physical world. "Everything has a price", we are told. People even marry for money. However as Christians we know that there is a certain way to deal with money. We worry about it yet we know we should not. We long after more yet we know this is wrong. We plot and plan how to get more yet we have heard God will provide. There are Biblical guidelines on how to deal with money that will help us be more at peace with this most important topic.

(Date Added: 2000-07-07)

Children, Young Men and Fathers

by Erik Momsen

A number of years ago, "His People" church placed an advert in magazines and newspapers depicting the torso of a man. The stomach of the man had two belly buttons. The question was obvious, "Have you been born again?" Being born again is the most important event of your life. It happens when we believe that Jesus, the Son of God, died to pay the price for our sin. In response to His death we lay down our own lives and follow Him. Important to remember that in the natural we do not live by our belly buttons for the rest of our lives. We grow beyond our belly buttons. We grow up.

(Date Added: 2000-06-29)

Spiritual Families

by Erik Momsen

At least one thing that all people have in common is biological parents. Some are blessed with physical and psychological parents. The most important question however is who are our spiritual parents. Most of us do agree that our spiritual birth into the Heavenly Father's family was the most important moment of our lives, but from then on we have often lived like orphans without spiritual parents, without spiritual guidance, protection and discipline.

(Date Added: 2000-05-26)

From Darkness to Light

by Erik Momsen

Reading Charles Finney's description of how God dealt with him and the many that God reached through Finney, I am struck by the dramatic and rapid change that took place in the lives of people. It reminds me of Biblical descriptions of the conversion of people. We are again seeing this kind of activity of the Holy Spirit in many parts of the world God describes this change in our lives as a movement from darkness to light. "...A people belonging to God that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light." (1 Peter 2:9)

(Date Added: 2000-04-14)

Servants of Salt and Light

by Erik Momsen

Why is service so poor in this country? Because no body want to be a slave. We have a history of forced slavery and God's way is voluntary slavery. Jesus "made himself nothing taking the nature of a slave" (Philippians 2:7). I want to paint a picture in very broad strokes. It is called a vision and a vision is something that one sees as in the distance and moves toward it. It is a vision that changes people and society. It is a vision of serving.

(Date Added: 2000-04-07)

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