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Faith - do you have any?

by Erik Momsen

All falls apart when things get tough. While all is sunny and roses we are full of hallelujah's but when trouble comes we grumble blame accuse and become brats. You are not alone. This is how Israel constantly behaved. That is not faith. I am very aware that the middle class church is in desperate need of real faith. Our faith lies in our own ability and in the “strength of our horses”. Real faith is a determined knowledge that God is able.

(Date Added: 2013-04-14)

Why the Suffering?

Possibly the greatest attacks against faith in God comes from the question "Why is there so much suffering in the world?" The question has so much urgency and emotion behind it that we recoil from it. It is also a question that is so complex that no answer to date is complete. The book of Job was written to address the relationship between God, pain and people.

(Date Added: 2013-04-09)

Acceptable Religion

by Erik Momsen

The human race is becoming a spectator sport. Every day more and more people watch, and fewer and fewer do. Every one watches rugby while in the last ten years I have only met one person who actually plays the sport. The same goes for the Olympic games and the World Cup of soccer. Millions around the world are exhausted from all those late nights goggling the box. I don’t know any track and field athletes and don’t even know where to find a soccer club for my children.

(Date Added: 2013-04-03)

Spiritual Authority (2)

by Erik Momsen

A life in the Christian faith is very similar to a life outside the faith. We face trials and testing, temptations and tortures as non-believers do, but we are not helpless and hopeless. We have a saviour who helps and will help us overcome the greatest trial of all, death.

(Date Added: 2013-03-26)

Hinders & Entangles

by Erik Momsen

This nation is hindered and entangled because so many believers are. The world is marveling at what is happening in China economically but it is based in the spiritual world. I am reading the the account of a North Korean Christian who says, “I love China because I met Jesus there”. I wonder if he would have said the same thing of South Africa if he was a refugee here?

(Date Added: 2013-03-11)

New Creation

by Erik Momsen

Can a person change and how is it possible? What does it look like and does it last? I have just witnessed the wonderful testimony of Adriaan Vlok, the former minister of Safety and Security. It is not an exaggeration to say the man was born again. He does not go around waving his hands in the air and saying hallelujah or talking in strange languages but heaven has made its eternal mark of love on his heart. The word does say that you will know them by their love and it is evident. (1John 4:7) The world longs for change, individuals for themselves and those close to themselves. We try medication, counseling and even the surgeon's knife but there is a more proven way.

(Date Added: 2013-03-04)

Read by all Men

by Erik Momsen

This question haunts me. “Why does the good news struggle to break into people's heart? Why do people not want to follow the Lord of Love? Why do they not believe that God is Good and that He loves them?” I believe the largest part of the answer is that God's messengers, the present believers, have failed on the primary issue. We get angry that people do not believe and behave and we have the completely wrong game plan. IF the greatest gift is “Love” then why is it so absent in the body of Christ?

(Date Added: 2013-02-24)

Worship's First

by Erik Momsen

The first purpose and resource of man is to worship the Lord. The non-believer might have an advantage on the believer at this point because believers immediately think of music and ceremony. The unbeliever probably thinks about kneeling before God and surrendering in fear.

(Date Added: 2013-02-19)

Time Out - I Need a Rest

by Erik Momsen

Approaching my fortieth birthday some years ago, I found myself valuing time more than any other commodities. I am more jealous of my time than my 'things'. The value we ascribe to time and our struggle with it is seen in our language. "If only I had the time - I'll try and find the time - I'm short of time - I don't know where the time goes - I don't get the time to think - there's never enough time - is that the time already? - time flies - could you fit in the time - time waits for no man - you really must pop around some time."

(Date Added: 2013-02-13)

Many are Called but ...

by Erik Momsen

Matthew 22:1-14 is the Love story of Jesus and his church. Because of this love, we should be more respectful of the church - it is His bride. It would be very rude to make derogatory comments about a bride before her groom.

(Date Added: 2013-02-05)


by Erik Momsen

I must apologize for my part and this should also come from numerous other professional Christians. We have held back the goers. Taking that fewer that 10% of our population are born-again Christians and that there are many countries what have less than 1% followers of Jesus, each church should be sending dozens of people into the field. Jesus did say, that the fields are white for harvest and that the workers are few. (John 4:35, Luke 10:2) “Then He said to them, “The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few; therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest”.

(Date Added: 2013-01-27)

Right - Righeous

by Erik Momsen

One has to keep his wits about him these days. It is easy, and so many do, lose their minds and lose their lives. There are a few truths that are eternal anchors for life. One of these truths is that God is Good. Jesus replied, “There is only One who is good.” (Matthew 19:16-21). By knowing the One who is Good I start to trust and lean upon His goodness. My eyes are open to His goodness and I start being thankful for this goodness. In His goodness I start becoming good. Europe lost the belief in the fact of God's goodness after two world wars and Europe lost faith.

(Date Added: 2013-01-22)

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