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Purpose 2013

by Erik Momsen

Why are so many so desperately unhappy? It is because they have missed their purpose. You were created to serve God. You are not here to have a good time or to feather your own nest. You are here to serve the one who made you. Only if you live according to your design can you have righteousness, peace and joy.

(Date Added: 2013-07-22)

Wie is Baas en Wie is Klaas?
(Who is Master and who is Servant?)

by Erik Momsen

Humanity is terminally selfish. We almost always think firstly of ourselves. This even infects our religion. We are there for God and not the other way around. This is difficult for us to understand. A little child falls in the shopping center and howls for thousands to hear. All he is concerned with is his pain and receiving comfort and attention. The same holds true when he want that chocolate. He wants, wants wants …. One day he grows up and gives his life for those he loves ….

(Date Added: 2013-07-15)

Deeper into Him

by Erik Momsen

Many listening to, or reading, this sermon are probably followers of Jesus. We have seen that He is the risen Son of God who came to take away the sin of the world. We have made a verbal, mental and emotional commitment to Him. What lies ahead for us?

(Date Added: 2013-07-10)

Close to the Edge

by Erik Momsen

Many years ago while studying theology I took a seven day guided retreat, leaving behind a young wife and a six month old son. There was little to do but eat and sleep, think and pray. By the third night I had had the same disturbing dream three times. In the dream I repeatedly beat our Staffordshire bullterrier. The message of the dream came to life a year or two later when my little boy put his hands over his head thinking I was going to strike him. I was baffled by his reaction. I was not even frustrated or angered by him at that moment but he had interpreted my sudden movement as a threat. I was deeply saddened. He was reading the anger and frustration in my soul and the Spirit was warning me.

(Date Added: 2013-07-04)

Connect the Dots

by Erik Momsen

Most pastors, along with doctors and real friends, want the best for us. They look at our lives and it is often painfully clear to them what is wrong. A two hundred kilogram man with blood shot eyes and a cigarette in his mouth stumbles into the doctor's surgery wanting help for his chronic cough and lack of energy. No prize for a diagnosis. The pastor might want to go a bit deeper to find the reason for the man’s destructive behavior. The bottom line is that things don’t just happen .... Life is not as random as we are led to believe. Very few accidents are accidents.

(Date Added: 2013-06-26)

House Built On ....

by Erik Momsen

A house is a good metaphor for your personal life, your family, business, city and nation. What happens in personal life often translates to public life and public life presses in on our person. All over the world lives are crumbling and crashing down. People just don't know how to live. They do not know the way to keep their house standing. There are at least five great pillars of keeping the house of your life and church standing.

(Date Added: 2013-06-17)

Fear of His Presence

by Erik Momsen

Our Lord Jesus promised us that in this life we would have trouble. Much of that trouble is of our own making, but some are given great burdens by the world and the evil one. The Bible itself is a book of great trouble. The forced eviction of Adam and Eve from Eden and the murder of their one son by the other. All this happens by the fourth chapter of the Bible.

(Date Added: 2013-06-12)

The Gatherings

by Erik Momsen

We devoted a month a while back to the cells or "gatherings" of our church. I use the word gathering because there are many different types of groups. Cells are one kind of gathering but what we are interested in is the words of Jesus saying: "For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them." Matthew 18:20 Every time two or more believers come together with Jesus as focus something powerful happens. The problem is we often gather and forget to invite or expect Him to be present.

(Date Added: 2013-06-05)

Building a Great Church

by Erik Momsen

I believe in the church. Even as you hear me say this some might find it strange. We believe in God and the many things He has taught us, but many Christians do not believe or have a high regard for the church. Perhaps this is because the visible church makes lots of mistakes, is a very poor reflection of what Jesus will still do with her, and because the enemy has attacked her relentlessly for thousands of years.

(Date Added: 2013-05-30)

I Oh, I Oh It's Off To Work I Go

by Erik Momsen

We cannot live without it. The Bible says we must not be allowed to eat if we do not do it (2Thessalonians 3:10). We train and study for it but when we get it, it turns to a burden. It always seems better to mow the grass in the other field. For many, work is a four letter word. God did not intend it so.

(Date Added: 2013-05-23)

Love is not an easy thing

by Erik Momsen

The word gets used millions of time, daily, around the world but we do not understand it. Modern culture depicts love in a idealized form associated with pleasant feelings. The Greeks used at least four words to describe love namely agápe, éros, philía, and storgē. Love is the highest command, value and gift in the Christian Faith and we need to focus and understand it.

(Date Added: 2013-05-14)


by Erik Momsen

We have forgotten or never been taught that Jahweh is the mighty deliverer. When we speak of deliverance we foolishly focus on the problem to be delivered from or even the evil one from who we are to be delivered. I want us to in-bed in our minds and hearts that He is the deliverer.

(Date Added: 2013-04-21)

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