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A wedding

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Veggie Tunnels

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Riding for the Son

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Mighty Men

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Youth Stuff

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Muffin Sunday

June Photos

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Church Fete - 26 May 2007

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Holiday Club at BWB

June Holiday Club: Live Like  A Hero

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Swartkops Primary School Development Project

Bluewater Bay Community Church has for a number of years sought to serve the impoverished communities in our immediate area. We run and fund a feeding scheme that feeds between forty and sixty children per day. This feeding scheme has developed into an Early Learning Center in Wells Estate and we have erected a timber classroom.
In 2003 we were invited to take on the Swartkops Primary School as a project.

 - We firstly needed to develop a kitchen from whi ....

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Ibhayi Early Learning Centre

For the past eight years we have been serving the people of Aloes, an informal settlement east of P.E. This community has now moved to Wells Estate. Most of the people in this community are unemployed and poorly skilled. We started with feeding the children daily and providing clothing and some medical attention. At the new location at Wells Estate, a new township at the door of the new Coega harbor, we knew we could not feed the children of about two thousand families.

We continu ....

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Bay Christian School

since 1999

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