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Name: Ps Charles Sone
Country: Cameroon West Africa
We are of Light And Life Mission,we are call to reach out the gospel to the unreached and by His grace,we have churches in the different parts of out country. Can you help us in our work here as we carry out the gospel to those who needs it? Cameroon needs people like you to help us Evangelize. Thanks,while waiting to hearing from you. Ps Charles Sone

Date Added: 2007-06-05

Name: Henry & Sonja Bezuidenhout
City: Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates
Our church here in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is growing strong (Dubai Afrikaanse Gemeente) with meetings in Dubai, Al Ain; Abu Dhabi and Mirdif.  We are currently busy with a 50 day prayer chain, praying specifically for South Africa and the outreach of people in the UAE.  We miss you and are constantly joined together with you in prayer.  God Bless You.

Date Added: 2007-04-25

Name: Shaun Gouws
City: Port Elizabeth
Country: South Africa
Welcome to the revamped Bluewater Bay Community Church website!

Date Added: 2007-03-20

Name: Omoniyi Oluwaseun
City: Benoni
Country: South Africa
Its such a love site. Men keep doing the good work and i say, God's gonna lift you more.

Date Added: 2006-05-30

Name: Pastor. Bible Biyi Onikosi
City: P O Box 12523, The Tramshed, Pretoria
Country: South Africa
The Lord will continue to empower you and keep you focused. May you continue to impart the community with the love of Christ.

Date Added: 2006-03-24

City: lome
Country: togo
We appreciate the good work you are doing in the vineyard.We are the body and Christ the head. We invite you to view our new website at, our ministry is to the AIDS orphans and vulnerable children here.

Date Added: 2006-03-13

Name: Leigh-Ann Du Plooy
City: Robertsham, Gauteng
Country: South Africa
I was fortunate enough to of been to your church last Sunday (05/02/06), with my fiance Johnathan Scheepers. I have not been to church in over 5 years as I was unhappy with the way my church conducted itself. I felt an overwhelming sense of welcomeness as well as a great of love for the Lord Jesus Christ. It has meant a great deal to me to find God's love again as my life felt incomplete and now I have found that certain something that was missing. I would just like to thank you for a wonderful service on Sunday and for welcoming a stranger into your church. God Bless you all! Best regards Leigh-Ann Du Plooy.

Date Added: 2006-02-09

Name: Khanyisa Ndzuta
City: Engcobo
Country: South Africa
I have been fortunate to come across your website and/or church. my life has improbed a lot. may GOD bless you abundantly, inceasantly.

Date Added: 2006-01-10

Name: keijo
Country: Sweden
Today I wonderful day again with grace and with good hope and comforting and peace of God, Iam so happy for Jesus dealy and i will win to him so many lose men what can be possible and heal them and lover them,in the name of Jesus Christ.Help and pray for this time lose men and pray for new revival soon.Thanks and bless.keijo sweden

Date Added: 2005-12-30

Name: Hutch Locklear
Country: USA
I was once a sinner until the age of 21. Then one hot summer night in 1948, I met Jesus for the first time. My whole life changed. I became a new man in an instant. I was filled with joy, happiness, love, and excitement beyond explaining. I'm now 79 years of age, still working for Jesus. Visit me at and print all the free tracts you want online. Read the large tract, I was walking in darkness and couldn't find my way. This is my testimony of what happened. God Bless, Hutch Locklear

Date Added: 2005-12-30

Name: Trevor
City: Parklands
Country: South Africa
Dear Eric I was looking for T/V United website and United Church came up with Pam Willim's name linked to it asa was T/V. As you obviously know, all in T/V is going well. Cedric is nearing completion of his PAT year and has been called to Richard's Bay United. One of the Church's youngsters is serving a year with SU Sumit team. Another has signed on for next year and another is doing J life for a year. Andre and Peggy have signed up for another year with OM.

Date Added: 2005-11-14

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