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Name: Ian Reid
City: toronto
Country: canada
Dear friends. Please pray for our nine-year-old ministry (started in 2001) -- (Testifying Jesus’ Love in Truth). We make free resumes, teach free English weekly, and do free translations/interpretations in 17 languages to any church or organization that asks us to. We also give out 3000 tracts each week, and we get people who are abused, have mental illness and other problems into churches and places where they can receive help, as well as getting kids into free dentists. We love the Lord, and love the ministry he has blessed us with. We are deeply committed to fighting racism and poverty. Please send us your prayer requests (Email:, and pass our site to friends, missionaries and family, as there are many who are lonely; and, we are thrilled when Christians connect. As the world becomes more hostile towards Christians; it is essential that we connect. At the moment we are trying to set up a pen pal club so people from all over can write to others and develop friendships. Nobody should be lonely. If you read this and are lonely, please contact us and we will do our best to get you into a good church wherever you are in the world. Please also click on and read the Bible verse of the day, and say a prayer for us. Also, please send us words of encouragement. Is there anyway we can help you? Please contact us – especially if you are lonely. God bless you. To our American friends: Please read article 51 on our site “Things I love about America.” PS. Sorry to the person whose guestbook we have just signed. If we have taken up a lot of space and not commented, again, sorry. The fact that we have left a message is proof, in our opinion, that you are good. God bless you. Ian.

Date Added: 2009-12-15

Name: Anndrea Yetter
City: Saylorsburg
Country: United States
Hello BWB Community Church! Oh, how I miss you all! Hope you are doing well and the children's program is going strong. God bless!! Keep in Touch! :-)

Date Added: 2009-12-04

Name: June Porter
City: Johannesburg
Country: Gauteng
Your teachings are an absolute blessing. You say it as it is, no false PEACE PEACE!!! We need to hear more of the TRUTH. Thank you

Date Added: 2009-09-04

Name: Justin Ndoro
City: Port Alfred
Country: SA
Kingdom blessings to you and your ministry, God in His soveriegnity has allowed our paths to meet for such a time as time... And i declare a strategic alignment through faith to your vision and calling in God. Be blessed man of God

Date Added: 2009-07-29

Name: Ncamile Dweni
City: Port Elizabeth, Motherwell, NU3
Country: SA
Greetings Pastor Erik, I hereby humbly request God to shower you with an abundance of Love, Hope, Joy, Faith, Peace, Power, Wisdom, and Courage. Keep up doing the Good work. May the eternal Lod, our God be with you in your endeavor to make people acknowledge Him as the the only saviour through their lives. I have browsed through your website and liked your ministry.

Date Added: 2009-05-29

Name: Adri Victor
City: Despatch
Country: Suid Afrika
Ek wil net baie dankie se vir die opbouende en geestelike boodskappe. Ek leer elke keer meer en meer van ons wonderlik God en Hemelse Vader, deur u boodskappe. Mag hierdie boodskappe van krag tot krag gaan en meer mense vir Sy koninkryk wen. Ek bid u toe God se seen en voorspoed.

Date Added: 2009-05-16

Name: Regg Kee
City: P E, Bluewater Bay
Country: S A
Greetings to Erik and the team. First of all thank you for your love, support, prayers and also prayer times. I have met wonderful friends and this has bridged the loneliness gap, but believe me God has such Miraculous plans for me. In my faithful quiet times He is digging deep into the hurt and revealing blessings that i am thankful for. Such things do take time to heal and it is like reviving leather back to its natural form in softness and natural shine ready to hold strengths and endurances. On the brighter side i look forward to putting my roots down in good soil again to grow as God would want me to grow. As always only God knows what's best for his children ands all we need to do is submit to His calling. Love & Regards to all, Regg Kee

Date Added: 2009-03-16

Name: Leon Kolesky
City: Port Elizabeth
Country: SA
Eersten wil ek dankie se aan Onse Hemelse Vader vir die wonderlikke mense wat julle is. Ek het op die ouderdom van ongeveer 14 my hart aan die Here gegee, maar het met tyd afgedwaal van die woord van God. Besef vandag hoe klein ek eintlik is en hoe GROOT my GOD is, dat hy Sy enige gebore Seun Jesus Christus vir my, ons gegee het om aan die kruis te sterf vir my,ons sondes. Man kyk ek is n pa en ek se jou dit is n baie groot op offerring, wys jou net hoe lief Hy ons het. Maar ek dank my Hemelse Vader dat ek besig is om my pad terug te kry na Sy huis toe. Ek vra dat jul gemeente vir my en al die ander verdwaalde siele sal bid en dat ons as die kerk sal opstaan en liefde sal uitstraal tot eer van GOD! Ek maak geen belofde nie, maar sien uit om besoek af te le by julle gemeente. Het verlede jaar n byeenkoms bygewoon by Hoogland Kerk in Charlo "Men Accountable" en voel dat dit nie eenkeer in n jaar gehou moet word nie, ons geliefdes is dors daar buite vir God. U wonder seker hoekom ek dit se, wel as ek so voel hoe voel my broers, susters en ander geliefdes dan net nie! Ek voel ek kan nie langer toelaat dat ons, ons eie ondergang bewerkstellig nie. Ons moet opstaan as God se soldate en ons wapen uitrusting aantrek en die duiwel oorwin, soos wat die Woord ons leer. Prys ons Almatige God se Naam, die ALPHA en OMEGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Groete Leon 083 328 1327

Date Added: 2009-03-13

Name: Leon Conradie
City: Perth
Country: Australia
Hi Eric and all at BWBCC Just came across your website and just had to look at the photo's. Lots of familiar face and many new! Larry, looking as young and fit as ever (and Yvonne...). Any way, it is soooo good to see Gods hand so obviously on you guys and such a blessing to see what Jesus is doing through your group. Be encouraged and may you see the Gospel proclaimed together with signs miracles and wonders and through the power of the Holy Spirit. Bless you all. Conradie's

Date Added: 2008-10-09

Name: Evangelist Titilope Adesina
City: Ibadan
Country: Nigeria
The Lord is looking for dedicated and consecrated believers at this end time, the spirit of the Lord is stirring up passions for the work of preaching to repentance to those have not know him.I pray in the name of Jesus the good work at Bluewater Bay Community work will continue and flourish. Amen. I pastor the Evangelism By Mission Church.

Date Added: 2008-08-20

Name: Pastor Siza Caesar Masiza
City: East London
Country: South Africa
Website: none
I am pastoring a small but growing church I founded 5 years ago. Too many challenges and would like to network with Bluewater Bay Community Church so as to learn especially on the cell meetings organisation.

Date Added: 2008-07-26

Name: Lucas
City: Redmond
Country: USA
Kids singing praises! There is nothing more beautiful. Praise God! I just wanted to leave a note to say that I pray that your church is blessed, and that your kids ministry continues to grow and florish. Jesus said that heaven was made up of such as the little children! Praise God for that! This blessing is braught to you by the beleivers at May God bless all who seek him and are called according to his purpose!

Date Added: 2008-07-07

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