Bluewater Bay Community Church



The church  is not a club, a rock show, a socially cool collective, a political loby or a welfare organization (although we might engage in all of these activities).

The church is a disciple-making venture. 

Jesus told us to make disciples. He said we would receive power when the Holy Spirit came upon us and we would be his witnesses. This is the game plan of the church. The last word of Matthew and  the first word of Acts.

Before we can clean them  we must catch them. Jesus told the first disciples to follow and fish.

Jesus said we would witness by the power of the Holy Spirit. The power of the Spirit is for witnessing and not for charismatic side-show.

Discipleship happens best on a "one to one" basis or in small groups. Persons who have walked with Jesus for a meaningful time have mush to offer.  Even mature believers need freinds in Christ. 


Date Added: 2007-03-21
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