Bluewater Bay Community Church


A church by any other name ......

God is still the same. The people are still the same and gather in increasing numbers and frequency in the same building. All that has changed is the name and the future.

The church that used to be called “United” still is. Probably more so now than in it's entire history. The thing that has changed is that we now call ourselves Bluewater Bay Community & City Church. You may have noticed and we want to tell you why.

This church like all things was born from a mother and a father. A little Methodist preaching station met a house church under the leadership of Neels Muller and they decided to move in together. At this point four sets of in-laws became involved. These  in-laws were the Anglicans, Congregationalist, Methodists and Presbyterians and this new little church came under the control of these four in-laws. Very soon the new couple found it very difficult to live under such a complicated set of in-laws with all their laws.

Over the years this young little church became a medium sized grown-up with Christian people from all kinds of churches. The great thing about them was that they no longer saw themselves as anything but Christians. They took very seriously that the Bible says there is only one God and one church. They also took seriously the command in the Bible to do their work in “Jerusalem, Samaria and the outer parts of the world”. This is why their focus became their community, their city and even further afield.

This church with over 98% vote has decided to call itself a Community Church. We belong to this community and follow Jesus together. Every man, woman and child is welcome and belongs here. Our leaders celebrate the Lord's Supper in homes and  baptize adult believers. We take oversight from some of the spiritual fathers of the city and love and seek to serve every church in this city. Our greatest prize is the lost and all other earthly issues must be subject to this.

We know that God has called all of us to do His work in this community and are going to do that in the power of the Holy Spirit for as long as the Lord gives us strength. Since this is a community church why not join us in building something great for God?

Date Added: 2007-03-21
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